The Answer For Everything

In The Answer for Everything, Fabio Santos presents the latest discoveries of traditional science by establishing relationships with the concepts of modern Spirituality in a work that can be used as a study guide, both for beginners and for those who are already familiar with the subject.

Amid basic concepts of how the universe, our planet, the dimensions of reality, and how it all affects our lives today and now, complex subjects such as Quantum Mechanics and Sacred Geometry are explained in a practical and easy way to understand.

It is also possible to understand the role of religions a little better in the history of mankind by raising questions about what are known as "conspiracy theory" such as extraterrestrial life and the control that a supposed Occult Government exercises in mankind.

In a simple and fun language like a chat with the reader, The Answer for Everything serves as a guide and encouragement to delve into the most important issues to our spiritual growth, showing some of the many paths we can follow for the so-called ascension, reaffirming that it depends only on ourselves.

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Planetary Intervention

Based on a true story, Planetary Intervention tells Daniel's story: a military veteran who joins a world military command, which officially should not exist, and embarks on various missions around the world.

Daniel goes through the best elite training there is and uses technology far ahead of his time, traveling all over the planet without knowing what his next mission will be.

In Planetary Intervention you will learn how this multinational elite troop, obeying a hidden command and unknown by the combatants, interferes in wars all over the globe, attends underground bases and participates in encounters between humans and extraterrestrials, sometimes even in combat.

Learn more about the backstage of terrestrial reality, the manipulation of several conflicts and the confrontations and details of human and non-human interaction, including the recovery of ancient technological artifacts. Planetary intervention is the outburst of an ex-combatant who has decided to reveal his story to the world.

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