Galactic Awakening 1 

Declare your spiritual independence


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The Galactic Awakening 1  is the first in a series of three courses and aims to go deeper into the concepts presented in the book "The Answer for Everything". The course is a two-days of immersion where we will deconstruct old concepts to rebuild new ones, demystify and learn to trace our own spiritual path without depending on anyone, finally declaring our spiritual independence.

We are programmed to follow a certain pattern of (dis) knowledge from before our rebirth, either through our DNA, our childhood, culture, values, and other more advanced forms of control.

When we begin to have a certain interest in spirituality, several "barriers" appear. The first and most common is religion, inserting dogmas and limiting our understanding. But if we go further still, it is very common to jump from religion to religion until finding the most "spiritualized" onde such as Budhism where it is more difficult to identify the limits.

If we can break them up somehow, we come to the "conspiracy theories" ridiculed the media, culture, and society as a whole of concepts that do not fit into the "pattern." Many of us can not stand the social (or inner) pressure and we give up on going ahead or hiding who we are.

The Galactic Awakening 1® course aims to begin the process of deconstructing all the (pre) concepts we have received throughout our lives and deprogramming the information we have been bombarded from childhood (or before).

But perhaps most important of all, demystify the spiritual path by freeing ourselves from superstitions and limiting beliefs that do not pass through the sieve of reason and free us once and for all from the need to follow a "guru", finding that we do not need anything , nor of anyone to trace our spiritual path.

Awakening, because we sleep when we can not see the cosmic reality and we are dreaming of fantastical solutions that are presented to us by "mystics", which prevents us from following our true spiritual path. Galactic, because we are universal beings and we need to realize this and assume our responsibilities, duties and rights.

Join us and get rid of superstitions, gurus and dogmas and begin YOUR spiritual journey, taking the first step to live YOUR reality and not the one imposed by others.

Course Schedule:

- Basic concepts of quantum mechanics: we will understand in a simple and practical way what the physical matter of our reality is made of in the universe through concepts of traditional science, relating to spiritual concepts, to demystify phenomena and begin to understand how everything really works, without dogmas or "paranormal" explanations.

- What is God? Here we will understand the concept of "God", the need to have a "deity" taking care of us and how this "creator" can be explained with scientific concepts.

- Fundamental concepts of Sacred Geometry: let's understand how geometry is applied in everything and everyone in the universe, with simple and easily recognizable patterns, demystifying and simplifying how the universe and dimensions work and interact and how it can help us in our day -a-day lives.

- The Bible, Dogmas and religious language: here we will understand how the "sacred" texts were written, how their interpretation occurred and how the different translations affect what we read today.

- Universe, multiverse and dimensions: a dip in the scientific theories of the formation of the universe, the multiverse and what man knows about the different dimensions and realities, presented in a practical and intelligible way.

- Our Universe: let's understand how our universe came about, how it works and its cosmic history. "What is planet Earth?" How our planet, its cosmic history, and how we came to be here.

- The Earth's reality: the naked reality of our planet will be presented and how we can trace a path of ascension without return.

In addition, the course will take collective meditation sessions to access information from our subconscious and to pull information from our Higher Self into the physical mind.

Doubts? Write me that I will answer them all personally.

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