Stellar Quantum Healing 1

with Rodrigo Romo


Stellar Quantum Healing 1 - Course in Toronto, Canada

Rodrigo Romo will be for the first time ever in Toronto, Canada next September, 7th and 8th, 2019 to teach the course Stellar Quantum Healing Level 1.

Rodrigo Romo is an international speaker, creator and disseminator of the Rometria™ spiritual ascension technique, author of more than 50 spiritual books with more than 60 thousand students spiritually tuned around the world.

The Stellar Quantum Healing is a technique that effectively restores the quantum physical harmony through balancing, re-connection and alignment of all our light bodies, cleansing physical or spiritual entities, at all levels and dimensions. It also allows us to perform long distance therapies by using the Quantum Apometry technique and mental or astral projections.

All this enhances our contact with the upper planes along with our cosmic teachers and brothers. The Stellar Quantum Healing is based on current concepts of quantum mechanics and super-strings theory, unifying Science and esoteric points of view, allowing therapists and students to understand how chemistry, physics and fractal mathematics can explain the mysteries of life and the source of God, as well as our energetic relations with the universe and our multidimensional realities.

The Stellar Quantum Healing is a 2-day course of deep study of subtle energies that encircle parallel realities, providing the understanding of different forces that sustain the universe and our body, as well as the understanding of what causes diseases and how they spread through our physical, emotional and mental bodies.

Many healing symbols based on Sacred Geometry have been channelled to support this technique: antibiotics, regenerators, cleansing, protection, transmutation, re-connection, distant healing, among others. A powerful tool to reconnect our soul with the Source. You will be individually tuned in the course.

Course: Stellar Quantum Healing Level 1 with Rodrigo Romo

Place: Toronto, ON, Canada

Schedule: Sat Sep/07 & Sun Sep/08 from 9am to 9pm

Extra: Special hotel rates and location will be given upon registration. The course will be tought in either Portuguese or Spanish depending on the audience with translation to English with no extra cost.

Flight time from/to Toronto:

New York - 1:14h

Chicago - 1:24h

Washington DC - 1:14h

Boston - 1:27h

Atlanta - 1:49h

Detroit - 0:51h

Miami - 2:20h

Houston - 2:53h

Mexico City - 4:16h

Lisbon - 7:15h

London - 7:14h

Do I need a visa to visit Canada? Click here to know. Short answer to Americans & Mexicans: No visa required.

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